Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laura's Update

Me? I'm tired and hungry/nauseous most days (yes I looked up how to spell that..) but mostly relieved that my EXTREME forgetfulness is justified! I join the ranks with Felicia and Monica, I too am preggers. Oh wait?! Who all has been invited to join this blog?! I haven't gotten to everyone yet!! And I forgot about 95% of all October birthdays within our group, and without, so there.

I just had two really vivid dreams lately, two people I don't know but that I interacted with in my dream and woke up very clearly remembering their faces. The second dream was of a newborn baby in my arms, it was a boy. ^_^ Ha ha don't tell my family members yet, I'm not sure they're ready to hear that kind of news. Job sure wasn't!! It's all good, I'm planning on learning how to sew homemade ties so my menfolk can all be matching for Easter and all those other fun holidays..

My parents moved away from Provo, lived in SLC for almost 3 years and now are doing their absolute best to move back but this time into a super ritzy neighborhood north of the city. Too bad it wasn't timed up with Halloween, I hear they give out king-sized, or at least full-sized candy bars around those parts! Speaking of candy bars... who still hasn't shelled out..? ..Sarai??

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  1. Maybe Kawika and I haven't kissed yet.... Haha, yeah right! If you had been at a hang out at Serena's a while ago, you'd have gotten one. :)