Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summing Up

Figured it out. Thanks, ladies.

Let's see, there's not a great deal new with me. I'm still working on getting my various degrees in hopes that I can one day take over the world. Before that happens, my long term goals are to get a second Master's degree in poetry and have a nice little place to live with my cat and dog. I also hope that I can get work as a teacher. Short term goal, other than graduate in May, is to...that might be it for now, actually.

Little things, though, I'm enjoying my classes and some new pieces of literature I've been discovering. Someone I think you guys may enjoy is Lawson Inada. I also watched Stardust for the first time and I find Septimus weirdly hot.

Good night.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Once upon a Catherine Rose...

Okay, sorry I took so long. I’ve never blogged before. We are in Pearland, Texas (Houston area) and I just love our little house. I never thought I’d end up in Texas, but I think we are here to stay. Mike is an actuary, and there aren’t too many job opportunities for actuaries in Utah. But if we couldn’t live in Utah then Texas would definitely be my next choice. Plus I can’t stand the winters in Utah.

Lately Mike’s been working on a project onsite at one of his clients at a children’s hospital, plus January is always a busy month for pension actuaries so he’s always at work, but at least he gets paid overtime, I guess. He loves bragging about his girls at home to his coworkers. (Mike wrote that last sentence) As for myself, here goes: In about the last year I have thrown food at a homeless person while I was pregnant (I blame the hormones), had a baby, fed my husband breast milk for dinner and didn’t tell him until after he ate it, went horseback riding and was bitten by an ostrich. Just a typical year I suppose except for the baby part – that’s new!

Lily-Rose was born Thursday, May 26, 2011. At four months she started swimming lessons, at 6 months she went on her first pony ride, she also got to sit on a deer and was licked by one too. This last month her favorite thing to do has been clapping. She’ll be 8 months next week and time is going by SO fast! I just love her so much! Motherhood has brought me a type of love and happiness that I have never known before. Life is not perfect, but I don’t think I have ever been happier. Heavenly Father knew what I needed and sent me the perfect baby for me.

Alright, enough with the gush, Mike and I hope to come out to Utah sometime this summer. I am really excited. I am already making a list of things I want to do, eat, and see while I am there. And you all are on it. :)