Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sarai's Update!

Lots of fun things are up with me but I'll start with the basics. I graduated from BYU last year in Marriage, Family and Human Development. I haven't been working in that field because as it turns out I love doing technical theatre much more. I was working at the Covey Center for the Arts here in Provo but I felt like I needed to work less and focus on other things. Which turned out really well because they started hiring freelancers at really bad rates so it was good that I left. I've worked freelance a lot at a much better pay rate and for much better people so that's good and I'm still going to take those jobs when they come up.
So I am dating a wonderful guy! His name is Kawika Heftel, pronounced Kavika - it's a Hawaiian name. He is 29, owns a recording studio and has a full time job making online games for kids. He is a double major in computer science and sound recording. He only has a few classes left to graduate but he is so busy that he can only take one class a semester. He is part Caucasian and part Japanese. He lived in Hawaii when he was younger and then moved to Provo when he was a teenager. We met through Buck who works at Kawika's recording studio.
Now I'm going to gush. He is smart and nerdy in the good way that I like. He is so sweet and great at expressing his love. He's funny and fun. We can be serious and silly together. We are both so open with each other. We have a lot in common. Common interests like love of music, technology, and sound technology. Common values. Common ideas and feelings about many important things in life. We have this list of 161 questions from a professor at BYU of things you should discuss before marriage and it's really cool to go through them and see how well our ideas align with each other. We've gone through ups and downs together and worked through disagreements. which is really good.
And we are talking about marriage!


  1. YAY! I am thrilled for you. It is awesome to hear the details. Good luck and keep us posted. I would love to come for the special day :)

  2. How was his business trip that you didn't let him get any sleep for? ;)

  3. I'm so excited that you said that Monica! That would be so awesome. Sometime early spring maybe... I'll let you ladies know. :D

    The business trip went really well!