Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tatiana's Post

Hey girls! We're in VA where Ross is on yr 2 of a post-doc. We have Mikey age 4, Charlotte age 2, and Joseph (JoeJoe) 6 months on Sunday. I've been busy doing those things that I always thought sounded dull, like doing a 72hr kit, and a yr supply of food storage (It's done!). Turns out it can really be fun! I've got lots of awesome whole wheat recipes now, and always interested in new ones. Mikey is in a preschool coop which meets twice a week and I teach every 5 weeks. Its been fun but he might be going into a full-time preschool soon, we'll see. We are hoping to find a job in UT starting in Aug, we'll see how that goes :). So fun to read about you guys! Miss you all! PS, the pic is 6 mo old, but oh well...

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